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Nebraska STARK Prosecutor Symposium
November 3 and 4, 2021


The Stopping Technology-Facilitated Abuse of Rural Kids (STARK) Symposium is bringing expert training for prosecutors on addressing technology-facilitated crimes against children. The Nebraska Alliance and Nebraska County Attorneys Association will host a two-day virtual symposium with training provided by the Zero Abuse Project’s Trauma-Informed Prosecutor Project. The symposium will be hosted virtually to allow maximum participation from professionals across our state.

The conference is specifically intended for prosecutors and law enforcement, but its sessions are open to all multidisciplinary team members.

This symposium will be a two-day conference focused on rural prosecutors regarding technology-facilitated crimes against children.

The first day of the symposium will include the following training topics:

  • Internet 101
  • Digital Forensics 101
  • Child Exploitation Investigations 101
  • Admissibility of Social Media and Digital Evidence
  • Anticipating and Countering Defenses in Technology-Facilitated Child Abuse Cases

The first half of the second day of the symposium will include the following training topics:

  • You Have Chosen Wisely: Jury Selection in Child Abuse Cases
  • Direct Examination of the Digital Forensics Examiner

The remainder of the second day will be an interactive and engaging workshop! If you are interested in this, please sign up ASAP as spots are limited.

By attending both days and the workshop, you will earn 15 CLEs.
Day One: 7.5 CLEs
Day Two: 3.75 CLEs
Workshop: 3.75 CLEs

Register now for the two day session here.

Register for the workshop here.

Please direct any inquiries to Kristin Chandler, Statewide Multidisciplinary Team Coordinator.