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Who We Are

The Nebraska Alliance is one of 50 Chapters in the United States. National Children’s Alliance, the accrediting body for both Child Advocacy Centers and Chapters, developed and implemented Chapter accreditation standards in 2008. The Nebraska Alliance was accredited as a State Chapter by the National Children’s Alliance in 2011 and was re-accredited under revised Chapter Standards in 2017. Through chapter accreditation, our Nebraska Alliance:

  • Represents a collaborative effort among our Child Advocacy Center membership, staff and our governing entity
  • Provides support services to emerging and existing Child Advocacy Centers and Multi-Disciplinary Teams
  • Assists with the development, continuation, and enhancement of the Child Advocacy Center model throughout Nebraska
  • Facilitates a collaborative statewide network dedicated to a coordinated and comprehensive response to child abuse, and
  • Serves as a leading resource within Nebraska in regard to child abuse issues and the Child Advocacy Center model

The Nebraska Alliance is a statewide membership organization and does not provide direct services to clients. There are no other organizations in Nebraska that facilitate the network for the Child Advocacy Centers. The Nebraska Alliance membership consists currently of seven fully accredited Child Advocacy Centers and provides them with grant opportunities, training opportunities, legislative action/education, the communication on child welfare issues, and support for their individual center’s accreditation - a cadre of services which are rooted in the enhancement of the national Child Advocacy Center model. Through this relationship, the seven Child Advocacy Centers are able to provide consistent, high quality services to Nebraska’s children.

The Nebraska Alliance Board Members and staff are operating off of its most recent strategic plan implemented in 2018 with the priority areas of:
1) State-wide Partnerships,
2) State-wide Advocacy, and
3) Training and Technical Assistance.