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Who We Are

Mission & History

Mission Statement

The Nebraska Alliance of Child Advocacy Centers, or Nebraska Alliance, is dedicated to the development and growth of Nebraska's Child Advocacy Centers (CACs).  The Nebraska Alliance accomplished this by offering its members an array of services that are driven by our mission: "To enhance Nebraska's response to child abuse."

The Nebraska Alliance grew out of the vision of several established Child Advocacy Centers to create a network of centers who collaborated across the state to consistently provide a culturally competent, multidisciplinary team response to allegations of child abuse in dedicated, child-friendly settings.

The vision of the Nebraska Alliance is to provide support to Child Advocacy Centers to make sure that every child receives the same high quality level of services within every county of Nebraska.  Nebraska Alliance supports the professionals within our communities by facilitating the coordination of investigation and intervention services for those involved in child abuse investigations.


The Nebraska Alliance of Child Advocacy Centers was established in 2007, when its Articles of Incorporation were formally submitted. Prior to this, Child Advocacy Center Executive Directors met for several years. They conducted a strategic planning session in 2005 that solidified efforts to collaborate between the Child Advocacy Centers to promote the Child Advocacy Center model, legislation, and best practices. In 2007, the Nebraska Alliance hired a State Chapter Coordinator (now the Executive Director), with Project Harmony as the fiscal agent. A Memorandum of Understanding outlining the relationship and the functioning of the Nebraska Alliance was created and approved between Project Harmony and the other Child Advocacy Centers.

In 2010 and again in 2013, the Nebraska Alliance Board Members and the Chapter Coordinator re-evaluated the direction of the Chapter by conducting two more strategic planning sessions. As a result of the priority focus areas from the 2013 session, the Nebraska Alliance hired the Chapter Coordinator as the Executive Director, obtained its 501c3 status in June 2015 and became financially independent in January 2016. Since 2016, the Nebraska Alliance has grown from one to six employees.