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MDT Enhancement


If you would like one-on-one training, training for your MDT, or training for the CAC, we are happy to accommodate this! Please contact Kristin Chandler for more information!

Securing Zoom:

Zoom Bombing” is a form of trolling. Hackers access your Zoom account and attempt to disrupt your meeting. This can be particularly dangerous for CACs when confidential information is being shared about children and families during your meetings. The following articles have been identified by Nebraska Alliance to help provide some solutions.

How to Keep Uninvited Guests Out of Your Zoom Event

Settings for Preventing Zoom-Bombing

Technical Assistance:

Nebraska Alliance has offered two Zoom Bootcamps teaching and demonstrating the fundamentals of Zoom and how to maximize functions for meetings, specifically for MDT case reviews. One of the Zoom Bootcamps was recorded. Due to the size of the recording, we are unable to distribute this by email. However, you can access it on Nebraska Alliance’s portal here. The following are links to Zoom’s website where they offer Live Training Webinars and Additional Zoom Trainings that we found to be useful.

Zoom Resources